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Workshops are generally free and will always include handouts and CDs with step-by-step instructions, documents & links.
We will be presenting a different workshop approximately 4 to 6 times per year. Locations vary but will normally be at a local Greenville or Easley restaurant or social meeting place.
CossBan will present a workshop of your choosing on location at your site. Contact us for details.
Here is a list of some of the classes we present...
  Freeware 101 - free, safe & actually useful
  ID Theft/Scams - prevention, reaction & recovery
  Android Phones - apps, permissions & protection
  Outlook 7/10/13 - tips, tricks & features
  Networks w/out servers - sharing, backups & security
  WordPress - design and leave with your own free WP site
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Freeware 101 - Internet software that are free, safe & Actually Useful...     Top⇧  Back⇦

CossBan will be providing this freeware class as a review of many different free software packages ranging from accounting & antivirus software to computer maintenance & network utilities to YouTube downloader to Zip file archiving software and even freeware that completely replaces Microsoft Office. The class will include over 30 different downloadable freeware packages all reviewed by and tested for Malware and Spyware from CNet which provides lab analysis, virus testing and excellent reviews. CNet is owned and operated by CBS Corporation. Also, around 8 different Android apps and 23 free online services will be provided. There will be a CD given to attendees at the end of class that has all the information and downloadable software directly on the CD itself.


ID Theft/Scams - Awareness, advice & response that are Actually Useful...     Top⇧  Back⇦

CossBan will be going over some of the latest scams and alerts provided to the public by the FBI and US-Cert (US computer emergency readiness team) as well as how to avoid identity theft, what to do if your identity is compromised, freeze/lock your credit bureau reports for protection. Also we will be going over email spoofing, virus awareness/defense and how to safely test antivirus software. There will be a CD given to attendees at the end of class that has all the information, government links and actual documents to respond to these threats on the CD itself.


Android Phone - Apps, permissions & protection that are Actually Useful...     Top⇧  Back⇦

CossBan will be displaying common features for setup and control of the Android smart phone system such as finger pattern security, GPS privacy, unique ring/text tones for contacts, etc. Avast Mobile Security will be covered showing how to track (via Google Maps), sound siren and even wipe a phone from a remote PC, using a web browser. Several apps from 'Google Play' will also be reviewed including antivirus software, shortcuts to frequently used settings, finding a lost phone, office documents, local & national news, call blocker, remote desktop control (RDP), Access internet via phone (tethering) and Application backups. We will be discussing App permissions and your risk of privacy violations. We will be using a FLAT SCREEN TV during the presentation so you can ACTUALLY SEE THE PHONE IN USE. There will be a CD given to attendees at the end of class that will have all the links to all covered resources directly on the CD itself.


Outlook 2007/10/13 - Tips, tricks & features that are Actually Useful...     Top⇧  Back⇦

CossBan will be reviewing standard and advanced features and tips & tricks in both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 (Outlook 2013 applies to 2010 features). This workshop will cover features such as installing FACEBOOK & LINKEDIN social connectors which will create an address book in Outlook with your entire social members' email addresses. Organizing inbox using colors & fonts. Quick insertion of predefined bocks of text such as FAQs, auto-responses, multiple signatures. How to quickly create fancy & 3D text using Word Art. Replace archiving by automatically capturing email conversations in both incoming and outgoing directions. Create an auto-reply with templates & rules. How to create and use distribution lists/email groups. There will be a CD given to attendees at the end of class that will have visual/graphic step-by-step procedures on how to set your Outlook to conduct the same behavior and the downloadable social connector software directly on the CD itself.


Networks w/out servers - Sharing, backups & security that are Actually Useful...     Top⇧  Back⇦

CossBan will be showing how to setup a local area network (LAN) where all computers can share files and printers centrally without the need of an expensive, dedicated server and server operating system. We will be going over how to setup file/print sharing, hidden shares, file access & permissions, pass-through security, backing up all local PCs to the central computer. We will be reviewing the Buffalo Tera-Station for large capacity network and/or backup storage and now to use external hard drives for offsite backup storage. Finally we will discuss the fundamentals of wireless access points, switches & simple internet routers and their effect on your network. There will be a CD given to attendees at the end of class that will have all the internet links to all covered resources directly on the CD itself.


CossBanís WordPress Workshop - Our four hour, hands-on, teach then do class!...     Top⇧  Back⇦

CossBan will be discussing the fundamentals and common features of WordPress. In this class, you will actually design your own free, LIVE website on WordPress.comís servers (you will need your laptop) while we assist you one-on-one with a "teach then do" approach. This is a four hour paid workshop which includes a lunch or supper.


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