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Est. 1999

Website Design & Hosting...
First labor hour is free on your first B2B invoice
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We will create your entire website using your own images, photos and/or graphic designs.
You may choose a website that is basic site, dynamically driven & automated or controlled by popular services such as WordPress© & DotNetNuke©.
You can build your website yourself on our servers using WordPress, DotNetNuke, osCommerce & Joomla content management systems.
We can create a custom, specialized business website per your exact requirements that is database driven & fully automated.
Sell your products & services online & take online credit/debit card payments securely.
All our hosting plans come with one hour labor monthly, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth & email server services.
Check out our Website design, hosting plans & pricing...


Quick Build Custom Website ...     Top⇧  Back⇦

If you're on a tight budget or need a web-presence quickly then our basic website may just be the package for you. This offer includes five full website pages such as home, about, contact us, products, etc. We can create the website using the images you provide or from your pick of images of our image gallery. The time it takes to create this website, ready for hosting, is normally 3 to 5 days.


eCommerice Website...     Top⇧  Back⇦

Have a product or service for sale? Not happy with pre-configured ''Template'' commerce sites? Would you like more control over how your specific product/service is presented? We can custom build a unique and very specific online storefront or service site designed to promote and sell your specific offerings. We cover everything from customer contact control, order management, secure online payments, newsletter email campaigns & more. If you need a feature that you just can't find anywhere, we'll create that feature for you.


Database Website...     Top⇧  Back⇦

If you have a large inventory or a lot of information then a database website will give you an efficient and cross-platform method of accessing & managing your data. Are you using ''Excel'' Spreadsheets or ''Access'' local databases or some other form of word file to store and control your information? Not only will a database driven website remove the burden of document control, it will give you secure global access to your information anytime, anywhere just by using an Internet browser! Database driven websites can be used by multiple users at the same time, from within or outside the office and can be designed to provide restricted access to any particular user.

Other database driven website scenarios: contact management, inventory control, appointment setting, knowledge base, project management, build tracking, etc.


Hosting & Email Services...     Top⇧  Back⇦

Put your website on our servers! Not only do we create websites, but we host them too. Our website hosting plans include one hour of monthly service labor and email services. So if you need changes made on your website or an email added, that's covered. But also when hosting with us, you may control all your emails on your domain. (

If you wish to manage your own website, we provide both FTP and email administrator access to your website. We also have content management systems such as WordPress, DotNetNuke and osCommerce.


WordPress© Hosting...     Top⇧  Back⇦

There are over 60 million WordPress websites. Many of them are so-called free but are also branded (having advertisements) and don't come with the ''Plugin'' tool. A WordPress Plugin is a tool that offers custom functions and features that allow the website owner to design their WordPress website to their specific requirements. Big companies (like have pre-installed plugins BUT their users are NOT allowed to install their own. Also, most big companies do not allow direct FTP access to your website.

We don't do ads, we do include Plugins, and we do allow FTP access.

If you are an avid WordPress designer or would like a safe environment to create your own WordPress site WITHOUT feature restrictions, then you're at the right place. Also, with CossBan hosting, email services are included. ( does not provide emails)


Maintenance & Monitoring...     Top⇧  Back⇦

The best method for taking care of problems is to prevent them!

If you select one of our hosting/design plans, we can create your website and with hosting we'll maintain and host your website and manage your email addresses for you.

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 First labor hour is free on your first B2B invoice ($76 value), whether problem or project.
Offer only applies to local businesses & is not redeemable, transferable or refundable.
Website and remote backup services are excluded from this offer.

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