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Est. 1999

File/Data Backups...
First labor hour is free on your first B2B invoice
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Remote offsite backups of your most mission critical data.
Remote offsite backups are monitored daily.
We can start the restoration process on the same day of the failure.
Restoration file shipping costs are paid for by CossBan.
Monitored (by our software) local backups of any or all of your computer's data files.
We can have your local backups moved to another computer, same day of failure.
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Remote Off-site Backups...     Top⇧  Back⇦

Mission critical data such as your QuickBooks data, blue prints, word documents that you couldn't live without should never be left to chance. Our remote offsite backup system securely onto your data onto our cloud servers.

If you experience theft, water damage, fire or any other disaster then we can start to get your mission critical data back to you within hours.


Local Monitored Backups...     Top⇧  Back⇦

Backing up locally can save you a lot of money while backing up a all of your files. CossBan's local backup software will copy files from your computer(s) to external hard drive(s) and sent reports to be monitored.

We are the only company that monitors your ''local'' backups! Locally backing up your files provides an inexpensive & easy method of making a backup copy of all user files from every computer in your office.


File Data Restoration...     Top⇧  Back⇦

You need your data to do you work and when that day comes when your computer crashes, you are not alone. CossBan will come to your site to get your file data back on line and get you back to work.

Most of the competition only presents you a download link to download your data from their server. This method may take hours, if not days when you have a lot of files to restore. Don't rely on impersonal online backup companies.


Maintenance & Monitoring...     Top⇧  Back⇦

The best method for taking care of problems is to prevent them!

If you select one of our maintenance plans, we install and monitor remote backup software on your computer to backup your mission critical data onto our Cloud servers.

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 First labor hour is free on your first B2B invoice ($76 value), whether problem or project.
Offer only applies to local businesses & is not redeemable, transferable or refundable.
Website and remote backup services are excluded from this offer.

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