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Est. 1999

Computer Services...
First labor hour is free on your first B2B invoice
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On-site repair & remote services for businesses (B2B).
Remote repair services for home PCs (Residential).
Install, configure and optimize Microsoft Windows© operating systems.
Install, configure and setup all common office printers.
Remove all forms of virus, malware, adware and spyware.
Recover lost data from crashed (dead) computers.
Check out our maintenance plans & pricing...


Problem Solving & Repairs...     Top⇧  Back⇦

We fix the following: Computer freezes, computer slow, ads popping up all over, computer reboots by itself, Internet problems, Google doesn't look right, can't open email attachments, printer not printing, error messages, etc.

If your computer isn't behaving like it should, let us take a look. If we DON'T fix it, you DON'T PAY!


Virus & Malware Removal...     Top⇧  Back⇦

Virus and/or malware symptoms: Computer slows way down, pop-ups on every webpage, new software you didn't want or download, strange error message, dialog telling you that you been infected.

Don't put your data or identity at risk! We can clean your computer, remove the viruses/malware and get you back to work.


Dead PC Data Recovery...     Top⇧  Back⇦

Has your computer died? If you computer has completely crashed or failed but you need files that were on that computer, we can help.

As long as the physical hard drive itself is not damaged, then we can pull that drive out of your computer and then extract the data onto an external drive or DVD.


Microsoft Windows Issues...     Top⇧  Back⇦

Irritating Microsoft Issues: "Start" button missing in Windows 8©, DVD drive missing or not working, can't find common personal folders (i.e. My Documents), file extension (not/are) displaying, Media Player no longer plays movies, older software won't run, etc.

Nearly all these issues can be resolved by simple setting changes. One example: If you HATE WINDOWS 8 then we can bring back some of the most common menus that are used on Windows 7 and XP.


Software Installations...     Top⇧  Back⇦

Proprietary Software is software that was specifically designed for a specific industry. Some example are Property Boss for property management, Resort Suite for Spa management, Amicus Attorney for law offices. Even Quick Books is proprietary for accounting.

Since CossBan is mainly a business-to-business (B2B) provider, we have vast experience with many types of proprietary software. We will be your representative when dealing with your proprietary software support personal.


Maintenance & Monitoring...     Top⇧  Back⇦

The best method for taking care of problems is to prevent them!

If you select one of our maintenance plans, we install and monitor a series of maintenance utilities that keep your computer clean, optimized and sensor for health and errors. We schedule your computer's updates and reboots. All you have to do us just use your computer and we'll take care of the rest.

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 First labor hour is free on your first B2B invoice ($76 value), whether problem or project.
Offer only applies to local businesses & is not redeemable, transferable or refundable.
Website and remote backup services are excluded from this offer.

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